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Dabur Chyawanprash Natural Tonic Helps Fight Cancer Aids Allergies
Dabur Chyawanprash Natural Tonic Helps Fight Cancer Aids Allergies




Dabur Chyawanprash has anti-oxidant properties & strengthens your body's internal defense mechanism, the immune system. Thereby protecting you from everyday infections, cough, cold & stress etc.

Contains : Vishwast
Amla, Ashwagandha,Hareetaki, Dashmul, Ghrit and several
other herbs and herbal extracts.

Vishwast fortified with additional health beneficial herbs like 
Keshar, Akarkara etc.

Usage: Dabur Chyawanprash has a tangy sweet-sour taste and the consistency of jam. It can be taken directly or in milk and as bread spread. In all cases its therapeutic properties have proven to remain stable and active.
: 1-2 teaspoonful 

Magic Ingredients 

Amla :- Amla Fruit is rich in Vitamin C and Pectin. Tannins present in it retard the oxidation of Vitamin C. It is well known fact that pectin decreases Serum Cholesterol in human beings. It inhibits Platelets aggregation and lowers cholesterol levels. It is a tonic, has a haematinic and lipalytic function useful in Scurvy and Jaundice, prevents Indigestion and controls acidity as well as it’s a natural source of anti-ageing. It is one of the supplements used in hyperacidity and Liver disorders. It stops premature graying or hair-loss encourages nail and hair growth, improves eye-sight, cleanses the mouth, and nourishes the teeth, bones. Cleanses the intestine and regulates blood sugar.

Ashwagandha :- It modulates body functionality so as to control stress and regulate immunity.

Pippali :- It helps in cough and other respiratory problems and also strengthens lungs functions.

Kesar :- It energises the body and also makes the skin look radiant.

Guduchi :- It makes us strongers both physically and mentally. It also has astringent properties which rejuvenates our immune system.

Karkatsringi :- It beneficial for recurrent cough and cold.

Satavari :- It’s helps to promote general health and increases stamina. It improves itelligence and it very useful in improving eyesight.

  1. A group of 30 pulmonary tuberculosis patients were treated to Chyawanprash along with standard anti-tuberculosis treatment. Their rate of recovery matched an identical group who were treated to branded cortico-steroids and multi-vitamins, without any of the latter’s toxic effects.
    Based on ‘Clinical study of Chyawanprash as an adjunct in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis’. By JK Ojha, MN Khanna, HS Bajpai, PV Sharma and TN Sharma. Banaras Hindu University, 1976.

  2. A group of patients suffering from head and neck cancer receiving radiotherapy were treated to Dabur Chyawanprash along with haematinics. Compared to another group receiving haematinics and vitamins, their skin reactions were the least and moderate reactions were found to be low.
    Based on ‘Effect of an Ayurvedic medicine (Chyawanprash) on early reactions during radiotherapy of head and neck cancer’. By GN Agarwal. King George’s Medical College, Lucknow. Data on DRF files.

  3. Nine healthy volunteers aged between 60 and 70 years were treated to Chyawanprash every morning and evening. They were tested before, after and between monthly intervals. Across the group, increases in hemoglobin, weight, breath-holding time, lung capacity, improvement in protein and nitrogen metabolism, reduced ESR, pulse and respiratory rates were noted.
    Based on ‘Psycological, endocrine and metabolic studies on the effect of rasayana therapy in aged persons’. By MD Verma, RH Singh, KN Udapa. Banaras Hindu University, 1972.

  4. In a study both the experiments and techniques were kept in dark about the identity of drugs to access the adaptogenic properties of normal and depressive patients. Divided into two groups they were treated to Dabur Chyawanprash or placebo. Those on

  5. Chyawanprash showed a higher reduction in complaints and allevitation of depressive symptoms.
    Based on ‘Double Blind Controlled Clinical Trail of Chyawanprash and Ashwagadha (W Somnifera): A Pilot Study’. By RH Singh and PB Behre. Banaras Hindu University, 1991.

  6. A group of smokers suffering from various afflictions ranging from cough, phlegm, breathlessness on exertion were treated to Dabur Chyawanprash at regular intervals for three months. 80% of them showed significant improvement in quality of life, a general sense of well-being, better digestion and bowel moment.


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