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Book Pregnancy Made Comfortable With Yoga & Dietetics By Nishta Saraswat


Pregnancy Made comfortable With Yoga & Dietetics
 Author:Nishta Saraswat

 This unique and must read book by Nishtha Saraswat is the only one of its kind that deals with pregnancy related problems with the help of unique combination of yoga and dietetics, two of the most relevant subjects in today's social context.The effort has been put behind understanding various stages involved in pregnancy in a simple and easy to understand manner. The stress has been laid on providing practical solutions to the common problems faced by women before, during and after pregnancy. A combination of yogic exercises, meditation and special menu plans has been recommended keeping in mind the needs of Indian women.
The book has been divided into various sections for ease of reference. The extensive use of pictures, tables, illustrations and testimonials lends practicality to the book and makes it user-friendly. The book aims at becoming a complete reference manual during the journey from planning pregnancy to getting back in a healthy shape post pregnancy. Aspiring mothers will find this book indispensable in their daily lives.
Regular reference and usage of the book during pregnancy will ensure that pregnancy becomes a comfortable and pleasant experience for all women.


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Book Yoga For Women



 There is a famous saying in the Zen religion that ‘no teaching worth a name can give the key through words’. It stands true in the case of yoga, where the whole essence lies in its physical and practical experience. However, I believe that words are the verbal embodiment of power. Herein lies my aim of writing this book to reach out to as many wonderful women out there as possible.
Yoga has brought many phenomenal transformations in my life as a woman. I wish to share this blissful journey with you, hoping to help you rediscover your lost potentials and in the process re-establish the connection with the real you.
This might not be the ultimate piece of work on yoga. Nevertheless, I can assure you that in its ordinary nature of description, you might stumble upon the most extraordinary answers. My earnest request to you is to drop all your pre-conceived notions and apprehensions before you embark upon this journey. Remember, it is never too late to learn how to live as long as you are alive.

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Book Yogasanas & Sadhana By Dr.Satpal Grover



Dr.SatpalGrover Explore the Influence of Yoga for Sure Cure!Yogasana is a sure cure for all physical and mental problems.Written by yoga specialist Dr. Satpal Grover, this book is a product of 40 years of constant practice and experience, of yoga. A step-by-step guide to strengthen your mind, elevate your thoughts and for living a happy life.
This book shows the right way to healthy body, mind and soul.

Price: $13.99
17.77 CAD 10.07 GBP 11.40 EUR
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